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Attention To Weaker Sections... 
 While providing education, medical services and distress relief, the Ramakrishna Math and Mission pay special attention to those who are weak from both material and cultural points of view. The centres at Along, Narottamnagar, Itanagar and Narainpur are fully dedicated to the welfare of the tribal people and a few more centres do the tribal welfare work as a part of their activities. The Pallimangal Section of Ramakrishna Math, the centres at Belur, Narendrapur, Ranchi, Puruliya and Raipur are engaged in rural development work on a large scale. Besides, other centres are engaged in this work too. The aim is to make the poor and the backward people stand on their own feet, to expose them to the mainstream of Indian culture and to raise them to a status of equality with the rest of their countrymen. All these services are done in no spirit of pity but in a spirit of worship, the receiver being considered God while the giver as the blessed worshipper. Another distinctive feature of the Ramakrishna Math and the Ramakrishna Mission is that they never hurt the religious beliefs of the people whom they are serving. To this Order of monks, all religions are equally true, and therefore, religious conversion is unnecessary and undesirable.


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