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Ramakrishna Mission - AIMS AND OBJECTIVES... 
 A few days after the establishment of the Mission, that is, on 5 May 1897, the second meeting of the Mission was convened. The meeting, after discussion, adopted the aims and objects of the Mission and its methods of action. So far as the aim of the Sangha was concerned, it was decided that it would 'preach those truths which Sri Ramakrishna, has, for the good of humanity, preached and demonstrated by practical application in his own life, and to help others to put these truths into practice in their lives for their temporal, mental, and spiritual advancement.
The meeting also resolved that day 'to conduct in the right spirit the activities of the movement inaugurated by Sri Ramakrishna for the establishment of fellowship among the followers of different religions, knowing them all to be so many forms only of one undying Eternal Religion.'
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