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Ramakrishna Mission - THE GIANT BANYAN TREE.. 
 Today the Ramakrishna Mission has spread itself as a giant banyan tree with its branches and offshoots operating in many parts of the world. Nourished by the prayer of Holy Mother, consolidated by the fire of renunciation and austerities of the associates of Sri Ramakrishna and enlivened by the spiritual ideals of the Master, the Mission today has struck deep roots everywhere. Its activities have stirred the inner world of man outside India. It has also revolutionized the attitude of Indian sannyasins. The catholicity and universal ideals of the Mission have equally impressed the Western intelligentsia as well as the different sections of the Indian society. In areas such as providing relief, service, mass-education, technical education, awakening of women, setting up a Math for women, promoting village and tribal welfare, agricultural development through scientific method, translating scriptures such as the Upanishads into different languages, providing medical aid and, lastly, bridging the gap between the East and the West, the Ramakrishna Mission has done pioneering work. Many organizations in India and elsewhere have sprung up today which are the direct results of the activities of the Ramakrishna Mission based on Practical Vedanta.
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