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Ramakrishna Mission - THE FIRST STEP... 
 We may say that the first step to fulfil this mission was his participation in the Parliament of Religions in Chicago and thereby the spiritual conquest of the West. Swamiji knew well that the secret of success of the Buddhist Sangha lay in its organized action. While in the West, he was equally charmed by the united and concerted endeavours of its people. Therefore through letters he repeatedly urged his brother-disciples to work conjointly in India. He gave similar calls to Alasinga Perumal and other South Indian devotees and admirers and inspired them to sacrifice their lives in the service of man-god. Later some of his brother-disciples expressed their doubts over Swamiji's plan to serve the suffering humanity as a form of worship. Holy Mother's cleaf-cut verdict, however, removed all their doubts and misgivings. She said, 'Naren is the instrument of Thakur. Naren is preaching the ideal of service only because Thakur wants his all-renouncing children and devotees to work for the good of the world.
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