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Ramakrishna Mission - METHODS OF ACTION... 
 Mission's methods of action, it was decided, would be to train men so as to make them competent to teach such knowledge or sciences as are conducive to the material and spiritual welfare of the masses; to promote and encourage arts and industries; to introduce and spread among the people in general Vedantic and other religious ideas in the way in which they were elucidated in the life of Sri Ramakrishna.
Needless to say this programme of the Mission has been translated into action over the years and its scope has widely expanded today. Within India the Mission's special task was to set up ashram as in different parts of the country, preach Vedantic religion and educate the masses, while outside India, it sought to send trained members of the Order to start centres there for the preaching of Vedanta and Indian culture so as to bring the East and the West closer. Swamiji categorically said that the aims and the ideals of the Mission being purely spiritual and humanitarian, it shall have no connection with politics. On 4 May 1909 the Ramakrishna Mission became a registered society and Swami Brahmananda was elected its President.
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