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Ramakrishna Mission - SET-UP... 
 Swamiji's extensive travel in India and in the West convinced him that 'no great work can be done without an effective organization.' Hence on returning to Calcutta from the West, he convened a meeting of brother-monks, devotees and admirers of Sri Ramakrishna on 1 May 1897 at the house of Balaram Basu at Bagbazar. He explained in his fiery language the necessity and utility of an organization and then said:
This Association will bear the name of him in whose name we have become sannyasis; him, taking whom as your ideal you are leading the householder's life in the field of activity - this Samsara (this world); him whose holy name, and the influence of whose unique life and teachings, have within twelve years of his demise spread in such an unthought of way both in the East and the West. Let this Sangha (Organization) therefore be named the Ramakrishna Mission. We are but the servants of the Master. May you all help in this work!
When this proposal of Swamiji was endorsed by Girish Chandra Ghosh and other senior devotees and monks, the meeting resolved to set up the 'Ramakrishna Mission'. The Ramakrishna Mission thus came into being on the historic May Day with 'Liberation of the self and good of the world' as its motto. For a religious organization it was nothing short of a unique commitment. On this very day Swamiji referred to Holy Mother Sarada Devi as the 'Sangha Janani' or Mother of the Sangha. He said: 'Sri Sri Ma [Holy Mother] is the saviour and sustainer of the Sangha that we are going to set up today; she is the Mother of the organization.'
In fact, after the passing away of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother wept and prayed much to the Master so that his all-renouncing children could have a place to settle in and live an intense spiritual life. Ramakrishna Sangha is the result of that soulful prayer of the Mother.
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