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Ramakrishna Mission - TRUE MEANING OF SERVICE
 It has to be borne in mind that Swamiji's ideal of service is different from dry social work. This ideal has a far greater significance which many could not understand at the beginning when the Mission started functioning. Even the monks of other denominations in India looked down upon this ideal of service. What they failed to appreciate is that service does not mean just giving away foods and clothes and doling out some money to the poor and needy. Service becomes real worship when we are selfless. And only that kind of service will purify our mind and liberate us, and we shall be able to realize that God is the indwelling spirit of us all. We have to remember that it is a great privilege that the Lord has given us the opportunity to serve others. If we remember this and serve even one single person in all humility and with deep reverence, without being prompted by ego and arrogance, our life will be blessed. This is the sum and substance of the dictum - 'Serve jiva as Shiva. ' Swami Vivekananda has set before us a unique example by synthesizing the two ideals, namely the liberation of the self and doing good to the world. These two ideals threaded into an inseparable whole are being increasingly appreciated by all and in all sincerity, they are trying to practise them.
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