Academic Calendar

Academic (Tentative) Calendar for the session 2019-20

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April – 2019
02 (MON) Rest of the AISSCE Cands leave for home after CBSE Exam 2019
04 (THU) Arrival of Class VI students
05 (FRI) Class starts for VI
07 (SUN) Admission Test for Class XI for the session 2019-20
11 (THU) Vidyarthi Vrata Homa for Class VI
15 (MON) Bengali New Year’s Day, Cultural Programme by Class VIII
19-20 (FRI-SAT) Annual Sports Meet for previous session 2018-19
May – 2019
01-02(WED-THU) Viva-voce test for Class XI  (Admission)
06 (MON) Annual Handwriting Competition for Class VI
09 (THU) Shankaracharya Janma Jayanti;
09-15 (THU-Wed) Pre Mid Term-I Exam for classes VI–X & 1st Term for XII
15 (WED) Boys depart for Summer Recess
17 (FRI) Submission of scrutinized marks, Completion of tabulation work
18 (SAT) Teachers’ leave for Summer Recess, Buddha Purnima
June – 2019
02 (SUN) Phalaharini Kali Puja;
Arrival of boys of Classes XI, XII (Those have coaching)
12 (WED) Ganga Dassehra
17 (MON) Snanyatra
19 (WED) Arrival of boys of Classes VI-X after Summer recess
20 (THU) Classes start
23 (SUN) Vidyarthi Vrata Homa for Class XI and Cultural Programme
24-27 (MON-THU) Screening of Annual Recitation Competition (Secondary)
July – 2019
02 (TUE) Final round of Annual Recitation Competition (VI-VIII)
03 (WED) Screening Annual Quiz Competition (Secondary)
04 (THU) Rathyatra
06 (SAT) Preliminary Round of Annual Quiz Competition for Sr.Sec Section
08 (MON) Final Round of Annual Quiz Compt for Junior & Intermediate Groups
09 (TUE) Final round Annual Recitation Competition (IX-X)
11 (THU) Preliminary round of Debate Competition for Sr Sec Section
13 (SAT) Final Extempore Speech Competition-  for XI & XII
16 (TUE) Guru Purnima and Shravani Mela 2019 starts
17-19 (WED-FRI) Practical Half Yearly Exam for Class XII
22-27 (MON-SAT) Pre Mid Term-II for VI-X, 1st Term for XI & HY Exam for XII
30 (TUE) Birth Tithi of Sw. Ramakrishnanandaji Mj.
August – 2019
01 (THU) Final of ‘On the Spot Poetry writing Competition’
06 (TUE) Annual Essay Writing Competition  (Sr. Secondary)
11 (SUN) PRMO 2019 Exam
15 (THU) Independence Day; Cultural Programme by Class X;
Birth Tithi of Sw. Niranjananandaji Maharaj; Jhulan Purnima, Raksha Bandhan
16-17 (FRI-SAT) Screening of Annual Elocution Competition (Secondary)
19 (MON) Final round of  Annual Extempore Competition for XI-XII
21 (WED) Final round of  Annual Debate  Competition for XI-XII
22 (THU) Final of Annual Elocution Competition (Secondary)
23 (FRI) Final round of  Annual Quiz Competition for XI-XII
24 (SAT) Janmashtami
26-27 (MON-TUE) Screening of Annual Extempore Competition (Secondary)
28 (WED) Birth Tithi of Sw. Advaitananandaji Maharaj;
30 (FRI) Annual Essay Writing Competition (Secondary)
September – 2019
03 (TUE) Final of Annual Extempore Competition (Secondary)
05 (THU) Teachers’ Day
13-16 (FRI-MON) Practical Half Yearly Exam for Class XI
17 (TUE) Shri Shri Viswakarma Puja
10-18 (THU-WED) Side Subject Exam VI-X for Mid Term Exam
23 (MON) Birth Tithi of Swami Abhedanandaji Maharaj
24-29 (TUE-SUN) Mid Term for VI-X, Half Yearly for XI
28 (SAT) Mahalaya; Birth Tithi of Swami Akhandanandaji Maharaj
29 (SUN) Boys leave for Puja Vacation
October – 2019
2 (WED) Submission of marks, Completion of Tabulation work,
Teachers’ Meeting; Puja Vacation for teacher
5 (SAT) Durga  Puja – Maha-saptami
6 (SUN) Durga  Puja – Maha-ashtami
7 (MON) Durga  Puja – Maha-navami
8 (TUE) Vijaya Dashami
13 (SUN) Shri Shri Maha Lakshmi Puja (Kojagori)
27 (SUN) Shri Shri Maha Kali Puja; Deepawali
29 (TUE) Bhatri Dwitiya
November – 2019
2-3 (SAT-SUN) Chhat Puja
4 (MON) Arrival of boys after Puja Vacation
5 (TUE) Classes start;
SOF-International English Olympiad
6 (WED) SILVERZONE-Olympiad of English Language
9 (SAT) Birth Tithi of Sw. Subhodhanandaji Mj.
11(MON) Birth Tithi of Sw. Vijnananandaji Maharaj;
SOF – National Science Olympiad
12 (TUE) Excursion for Class VIII
13 (WED) SILVERZONE-Olympiad of Mathematics
14-15 (THU-FRI) Practice for Drill Competition
16 (SAT) Annual Drill Competition
17 (SUN) Excursion for Class VI
19 (TUE) SILVERZONE – Olympiad of Science
23-24 (SAT-SUN) Vidyapith Praktani Reunion
25 (MON) 5th Sanskrit Olympiad
26 (TUE) Excursion for Class VII
28 (THU) National Cyber Olympiad by SOF
30 (SAT) Annual Prize Distribution, Drill Display
December – 2019
2-4 (MON-WED) Pre Board Practical Exam for XII 2020
5 (THU) Birth Tithi of Sw. Premanandaji Mj.;
SOF-National Mathematics Olympiad
06-11 (FRI-WED) Post Mid Term for VI-X, Pre Board Exam for XII 2020
11 (WED) Boys leave for Winter Recess
15 (SUN) Admission Test for Class VI
18 (WED) Holy Mother’s Birth Day
19 (THU) Staff Picnic
19 (THU) Winter Recess for Teachers
22 (SUN) Birth Tithi of Sw. Shivanandaji Mj.
24 (TUE) Christmas Eve
January – 2020
1 (WED) Kalpataru Utsav; Birth Tithi of Sw. Saradanandaji Mj.
2 (THU) Boys’ arrival
3 (FRI) Classes start
5 & 8 (SUN- WED) Viva-Voice for Admission Class VI 2020
12 (SUN) National Youth Day
17 (FRI) Swamiji’s Tithi Puja
26 (SUN) Birth Tithi of Sw. Brahmanandaji Mj.; Republic Day; Cultural programme by Class IX
22-28 (WED-TUE) Practical for Annual Examination for XI
29 (WED) Birth Tithi of Sw. Trigunatitanandaji Mj.
30 (THU) Shri Shri Saraswati Puja
31 (FRI) Idol Immersion
As per Board schedule Board Practical for Class XII 2020
February – 2020
2-5 (SUN-WED) Excursion for Class IX
8 (SAT) Heats of Annual Sports
9 (SUN) Birth Tithi of Sw. Adbhutanandaji Mj.
15 (SAT) Annual Sports 2019-2020 Session
17-26 (MON-WED) Annual Exam for Class XI
21 (FEB) Mahashivaratri
25 (TUE) Thakur’s Thithi Puja
27-29 (THU-SAT) Excursion for Class XI
March – 2020
As per Board schedule CBSE Exam starts AISSE’20 (Class-X) and AISSCE (Class-XII)’20
Consulting Board schedule Side Subject Exam VI-IX
9 (MON) Holi
Consulting Board schedule Annual Exam for Class  VI-IX
13 (FRI) Birth Tithi of Sw. Yoganandaji Mj.
Consulting Board schedule Arrival of students after session ending break