Publications and Book Sale Counter

Vidyapith has a number of religious publications. Titles it has brought out so far are as below:

  1. Sangeet Sangraha – A collection of songs (in Bengali);
  2. Sangeet Mala – A collection of songs (in Hindi);
  3. Sadhan Sangeet – A book of songs with Notation (in Bengali);
  4. Bachcho Ke Sri Ramakrishna (in Hindi) – A short pictorial life;
  5. Vivekanander Katha O Galpa – A supplementary reader in Bengali (classes VI & VII);
  6. Vivekananda Ki Laghu Kathaein – A supplementary reader in Hindi (classes VI & VII);
  7. Atma Vikas –A book in Hindi to mould the character of children;
  8. Audio album (CD):
  • Shivatandavam
  • Shivakalpataru
  • Namo Bhagavate Rudraya
  • Sri Rama Tuhi-Sri Krishna Tuhi
  • Juraite Chai  Kothay Jurai (Bengali)
  • Gita-Sara.
  1. Two DVDs:
  •  ‘BE and MAKE’ – a video Documentary on Vidyapith
  • A pilgrimage to the 2nd and 3rd Kedar (A holy footage).

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